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Debi’s Place is a retailer of Air Plants, Air plant gifts & Air Plant Terrariums that are readily available on site. These air plants never need fertilizing, are non parasitic, flower and self seed. Air plants purchased at Debi’s Place are grown here in Canada and are acclimatized to our cold Canadian climate.


About our Air Plants


Air Plants are an Amazing species of plant. All of our Air Plants are completely non-toxic.


They never require any soil, they actually eat air borne particulates, so all the unseen little pollutants that float in our air are their food. With only 2 soaks a month, these Air Plants are sure to be the lowest maintenance plants around! They flower, beautiful vibrant colors and they all self-reproduce by self-seeding and grown new little pups. Give the gift of fresh air, and bring your new air plant home for family and friends and make a better cleaner safer environment for all. A must have for people with asthma or sensitive breathing. Many people have gone off anti-histamines, inhalers and quit snoring!


Give yourself and others a breath of fresh air!


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